Clouded Yellow on Buddleja

Here are some related web sites that may interest you. Please contact me if you would like to exchange links.

David Carrington

A Small Wildlife GardenAn interesting wildlife gardening website.

Bumblebee Conservation TrustBritish bumblebees need all the help they can get. Learn about bumblebees and what you can do to help them here. The site includes a printable garden bumblebee identification sheet.

Glamorgan Bird Club    The two bird clubs in Glamorgan (East Glamorgan Bird Club and Gower Ornithological Society) have joined forces to create this excellent and very active website

Kenfig SocietyThe club study the history and natural history of the locality. The site is full of interesting stories from Kenfig's past.

Gardens for WildlifeMarc Carlton has written an account of his experience of creating an award winning wildlife garden in south-east London. This is an informative and well presented website which includes some excellent fact sheets and background information. Marc has managed to make his garden look great and has raised a lot of money for charity by holding open days.

Gift Of HealthMy father-in-law lived with Ila speaking people in Zambia during the 1950s and 1960s. He learned the language and a lot about their traditions and culture. He has worked hard in recent years to document the Ila language, publishing 'A Dictionary of Ila Usage 1860-1960' in 2000. The work includes a wealth of information about traditional uses for medicinal plants which has generated a lot of interest as very little such information from Africa has been documented. An article about traditional medicines for diseases such as malaria can be seen at this site.

Glamorgan WalksFor walks and guided walks across the county

The G0TLK PagesMy brother in law has a useful website with lots of information on amateur radio, software and digital photography

Countryside Council for WalesThis government organisation provides grant aid and scientific advice on the management of the reserve. Most Welsh National Nature Reserves are directly managed by CCW.

Glamorgan Moth Recording GroupThis club maintains records of moths in the county and runs regular moth recording nights for people to join in with. The site includes an excellent 'recent sightings' page where you can report what you have seen and see what others have been recording. You can send in pictures for display on the page.

I'm StuckSteven Flett, a software specialist, who is based in Porthcawl has an extensive knowledge of computers and software. His website also includes some good games and downloads.

InsectpixFor information with photographs on solitary bees that may visit your garden see Nigel Jonesí site. Follow his advice and you can establish your own solitary bee nesting colony!

Kenfig NNR's draft websitePlease have a look and give me some feedback.

My Bit Of The PlanetFor wildlife gardening, have a look at this site. What are you doing with your bit? One of my favorite sites with a diary updated most days. Some brilliant photography.

BTCV Handbooks OnlineThe British Trust for Conservation Volunteers have an excellent website giving all sorts of advice on practical conservation tasks. How can such a wealth of information be free? The various BTCV handbooks that are available are well worth the money.

The Scythe ShopThe ultimate way to cut your meadow must be with a traditional scythe. Simon Farley imports scythes from Austria and has several designs to suit different conditions. They really are a joy to use and surprisingly effective and cheap when compared with petrol strimmers. The website is a lot more than a sales site. There is a wealth of information about the history, use and maintenance of scythes.

UK ButterfliesFor a guide to the butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland.

UK MothsFor a guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland

UK SafariFor anyone interested in the wildlife and countryside of Britain.

Wildlife Trust for South and West WalesFor information on nature conservation and some other nature reserves in the area.

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